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                A retreat into rejuvenation

Do you ever wake up dreading the day to come?
Do you ever feel hurt, angry, or fearful?
Are you stuck in relationships that just don’t work?
Would you like to find the happiness you deserve?

Dr. Anne P. Filosa Creekmore’s retreats and workshops are designed to help you. Anne is a licensed clinical psychologist who will guide you through a gentle process of cleansing and healing. Equipped with tools to find self-fulfillment, you will learn how to love yourself and love your life in a confidential group setting where it is safe to share your deepest feelings and anxieties.

Dr. Creekmore uses the principles of the Law of Attraction from the groundbreaking video / book The Secret to show you how to use the power of your positive intentions and visualizations (law of attraction) to create your desired reality. By harnessing that law of attraction, you’ll learn how to:
• Find self-fulfillment and joy
• Turn anger, hurt, and fears into powerful tools for understanding and healing
• Tap into your positive beliefs and feelings to find new strength
• Express your needs clearly and with self-confidence
• Become more whole by managing your needs and priorities with more skill
• Negotiate so everyone comes out a winner (create win-win situations)
• Be aware of yourself and know when you need extra help and support and know where to find it
• Create a new lifestyle based on self-love and self-care

Remote Teleconferencing
Dr. Filosa Creekmore’s workshops are available as teleconference calls to groups of all sizes. Contact Dr. Creekmore today and find out more!

Dr. Anne P. Filosa Creekmore, Psy. D. is available to speak for:
• Retreats   •   Workshops   •   Communication seminars   •   Speaking engagements   
•   Training

Anne specializes in helping others to learn to deal with difficult people, understand and deal with self-love, change anger to a powerful tool for understanding and healing, express themselves, resolve relationship challenges, and more. Anne’s extensive experience and book Love Yourself  Love Your Life has helped hundreds of clients over the past 25 years and she leverages her skill and broad knowledge to assist others through group events and individual counseling.

Enhance your next meeting, workshop, or seminar with constructive, effective communication training from Dr. Anne F. Creekmore, PSY. D. by calling today!

Upcoming Events
We invite you to contact us to schedule events for your orginazation or place of worship.

Feel free to ask us about our current events
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Free Book With Workshop! For attending one of Anne’s successful workshops, you will receive a copy of the exclusive, limited-run edition of Dr. Filosa Creekmore’s exciting workbook, Love Yourself  Love Your Life


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