About Anne, therapist, author, teacher, innovator
Dr. Anne F. Creekmore, PSY. D., also known as Dr. A. P. Filosa, Psy. D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in the Richmond, Virginia (VA) area.

Anne graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Psychology with High Honors. She earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology through the Virginia Consortium of Professional Psychology, co-sponsored by: College of William and Mary, Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University. By the time she was 26 years old, she was licensed as a clinical psychologist in the state of Virginia.

Featured in Who’s Who in America, Anne is now the mother of two, and a metaphysician with a fulfilling professional and family life. Her ideas come through unusual personal experiences and even traumas. Her personal experiences have enhanced her ability to broaden her perceptions and understanding of life, love, and therapy.

Shatter Analysis
Dr. Anne’s experiences have helped her to develop a new form of effective therapy , Shatter/Shadow Analysis.  Shatter Analysis is the clinical model Dr. Creekmore created to help people transform. It shatters inner negativity that a client holds about himself and the world. A person comes in broken, like a broken window pane -- and rather than simply patching the broken window, the therapist removes the broken pane (pain), and replaces this with the person's Truth, Passions, and Joys to help transform the personality into an authentic individualized pattern much like a stained glass mosiac that truly expresses the individual's unique beauty and perfection. presented in Love Yourself  Love Your Life.

The Love Language of Narcissists
Dr Creekmore has discovered the language of individuals who have who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Narcissistic tendencies. Learn how to speak with difficult individuals including your loved ones.

Whole Health Therapy
Anne’s years of association and networking has enabled her to develop a network of specialists she can refer her clients to for additional needs and services to enhance and augment her therapeutic skills. Anne recommends an integrated process of healing and can include homeopathic, herbal, nutritional counseling, and other services as well as traditional medicine. Anne is familiar with the available resources that can help you on the path to whole health.

Presentations and workshops
Dr. Anne Creekmore is available for events and presentations as well. Contact Dr. Creekmore to develop the right program for your group today!

Love Yourself  Love Your Life
If you want to change your life by changing how you address relationships, self responsibility, self love, and spiritual growth, then here’s the book for you. It’s a focused, gentle, and challenging journey into the process of healing and change. Awesome!” George Nixon, LPC

In Love Yourself  Love Your Life Anne opens the door to learning about ourselves and our environment in a way that heals us, strengthens us, and inspires us. From real life examples to real life solutions, Anne’s book empowers us to take critical, successful steps in our lives for good!
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Clinical Therapy By Appointment
Dr. Anne Filosa Creekmore currently manages her clinical practice in Virginia Monday through Friday by appointment only. Please call 804-741-2608 for an appointment for fastest service. Evening appointments available upon request and colleague Dr. Ed Creekmore Jr.(pager: 804-796-0186) provides backup services upon Dr. Anne's request.


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