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Chapter 2 “Feel your Feelings”
“…anger cannot be healed or resolved unto itself unless we look deeper to discover the underlying emotion of fear (sadness) and deal with, resolve, or heal this. If we remain focused on our anger, we are ‘stuck’ in pain. This is why anger is not truly an emotion unto itself. It is a cover-up or signal to other emotions. If we stay focused on the anger, as we all probably know, all we do is get more and more angry and create trouble in our lives through losing our temper.” Pg. 23

Chapter 4 “Open Up To Help”
“I remember desiring a wooden fence when my children were small. I was talking to my mother, who revealed that I had an insurance policy my parents had purchased at my birth, which accrued interest; the dividends amounted to exactly what I needed for the fence! This is one of many instances when I had been rewarded unexpectedly because of my openness to help. In other words, I had to take the action to find the help, bolstered by an optimistic attitude that help would be forthcoming.” Pg. 42

“Spirituality is a genuine experience, which can be part of, yet extends beyond specific religions. Until you experience spirituality, you cannot comprehend it. The spiritual experience is like chocolate; you must taste it―someone cannot describe it to you. It is well worth experiencing your spirituality. You know how wonderful chocolate is!” pg 47

Chapter 7 “Create Healthy Relationships”
“Relationships that are vital, healthy, harmonious, loving, and peaceful are essential a healthy, harmonious, peaceful self. Think about it. If you are upset with someone, how happy can you be? Or do you find yourself feeling disturbed or perturbed? In addition, if something is awry in your basic thought atmosphere or thinking pattern, if you have mistrust or negative beliefs about relationships―this will manifest in your life in disturbed interpersonal relationships.” Pg. 117
“People can have mental problems that interfere with their power of intention. It is important to understand one’s limitations because these limitations do need to be faced and released for one to be able to utilize the principles in this book.” pg. 130

Chapter 9 “Raise the Human Race”
“I recently worked with a woman that did retail work who was making one hundred dollars a week after calculating expenses. So our next step was to look at what areas in her budget she could reduce—after that, she realized she was making only forty dollars a week. Rather than working fulltime for this forty dollars, she let her job go, determined to figure out where she could get the extra forty dollars. With an abundance of consciousness, she realized she had plenty of savings to cover this. She was able to pursue her dream of starting a small catering business, which easily made up the difference eventually.” Pg. 164

For Good and For Bad
Dr. Filosa Creekmore explains all of us are electrical, chemical beings that have power and our energy and power can be used for good or bad. You can use that power just like electricity: to fry a meal for man to eat, or to electrocute him. Your power can be controlled by you for your good rather than causing mishap innocently. Become a positive power in your own life and reduce the negative energy that saps your power.

Transport Yourself to the Higher Vibration of Joy and Bliss all in the comfort of your own home through reading Love Yourself Love Your Life "Love Yourself Love Your Life describes basic, fundamental principles proven through scientific research that are consistent with natural laws that you need to understand in order to use your power to create the wonderful life you desire and deserve. Shine your light and transform yourself and your world".

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Love Yourself ,
Love Your Life

If you want to change your life by changing how you address relationships, self responsibility, self love, and spiritual growth, then here’s the book for you. It’s a focused, gentle, and challenging journey into the process of healing and change. Awesome!” George Nixon, LPC

In Love Yourself Love Your Life, Dr. Anne opens the door to learning about ourselves and our environment in a way that heals us, strengthens us, and inspires us. From real life examples to real life solutions, Anne’s book empowers us to take critical, successful steps in our lives for good!
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