Enhance Your Wellbeing―Learn To Love Yourself―Love Your Life
"I am so grateful this book has come to fruition! The principles and tools put forth in it are powerful. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself and this book helps you asses this relationship and develop true self love. It helps you to understand how to take your power and use it to create the wonderful life you deserve."

I look forward to this knowledge and the practical guidelines in the book reaching and benefiting many, many people. A bible of mental health, this is the book to read if you decide to truly understand and use your power to create a wonderful life and world for yourself and those around you.
Reverend Dwight Smith

This book is a focused, gentle, and challenging journey into the process of healing. Smooth as butter to read, not only does it provide tremendous radical insight into how to heal all the facets of your life, it is a captivating book to read with entertaining stories, humor, and even a sprinkling of beautiful literature.
George Nixon, LPC

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After many years in the entertainment business, I have learned to identify real talent. There are individuals who can express themselves through their art and then there are ‘artists’ who can express themselves while communicating a needed message. Dr. Filosa Creekmore communicates passion for others with self-directed ease, and possesses energies that reach out to hurting people while supplying honest answers to their needs. Dr. Filosa Creekmore has found a life calling.” Mike Shiflett, Entertainer/Producer.

The prison door is open! Love Yourself―Love Your Life reaches people at many levels. From learning about how psychology and how the psychotherapy process works to enable individuals to benefit from it to teaching self-help concepts and tools you can apply yourself, “Love Yourself―Love Your Life” is an easy-to-read, simple to follow guide.

A Product of Love
"Love Yourself  Love Your Life is a product of 35 years of extensive study of psychology, philosophy, theology/spirituality, and psychotherapeutic experiences with people in all walks of life. I have focused on a variety of perspectives and needs to be able to reach individuals in all aspects of life. The settings have ranged from residential and inpatient facilities, to Department of Corrections, to outpatient private practice. I’ve helped countless people learn to love themselves and love their lives and I offer you this book to help you, too!" ―Dr. Anne Creekmore, Psy. D., therapist, author, teacher, lecturer.

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NOTE: “Love Yourself―Love Your Life” is published under Dr. Creekmore’s maiden name: Dr. A. P. Filosa, Psy. D.

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