Whole Health Therapy
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Thoughts Are Your Empowerment and Key to Creating a Fulfilling Life

The most widely used, most effective therapy, the basis of Whole Health Therapy involves making changes in your thoughts and, as a result, your actions. You have the power to create your fulfilling life despite your circumstances or past. Dr. Anne Filosa Creekmore offers therapeutic choices that empower your to achieve a fulfilling life.

Results That are Attainable

Traditional psychotherapy is sometimes just a part of the solution to increase an individual’s feelings of worth and capability to live a fulfilling life. Dr. Creekmore has developed her alternative options to provide a variety of modalities based on the needs of her clients. From coaching to getting your life organized to healing illness or dis-ease, Anne’s skills and network of associations will ensure the right resources are available to you for a happy, healthy, full life.


Using hypnosis makes it easy to treat and overcome: • Acadidemic Issues
• Anger Management and Agression
• Anxiety
• Childhood trauma
• Chronic illness and pain
• Compuslive Eating
• Concentration and Memory Issues
• Depression
• Habits and addictions
• Job Success
• Love, Trust, Forgiveness Issues
• Money Mangement
• Phobias
• Physical Issues and Pain
• Procrastination
• Regressions to heal past wounds
• Sexual Issues
• Sleep Problems
• Smoking / Alcohol Chemical Dependency
• Social Confidence
• Stress including work stress
• Test Anxiety
• Trauma and Grief Resolution
• And more

Deep relaxation can be achieved through hypnosis and hypnotic therapy is known to stimulate life success in all that you do. Anne’s specialized training and skill has enabled her to deal with unconscious processes that block the ability of a client to completely heal or overcome their challenges and struggles.

Practical Advice, Clear Therapy
Get practical advice and clear therapy to attain your goals and resolve the real issues. Whether you have an affinity to work with cutting edge science based spiritual processes or herbal remedies, Anne’s broad knowledge, sensitive nature, and skilled approaches help to broaden your understanding of the world around you and who you are within.

Whole Health Therapy

Go beyond stable. Grow yourself. Whole health and spiritual-emotional therapy encompasses all schools of thought including: philosophy, religion, and psychology. Anne can help you to take your past and launch yourself to a bright future through releasing addictions, focusing on self and your real passions and healing on multiple levels. Through hypnosis, Anne can help you go deeper into your subconscious to find your inner child wounds that are still producing unhealthy patterns.

Shatter Analysis

Dr. Anne Creekmore’s unique b lend of therapies and extensive research enabled her to develop “Shatter Analysis” therapy to help realize your real spiritual purpose and goals and release the negative energy that is holding you back. Anne’s specific model enables her to include a spiritual level in her therapy.

“I coined the term Shatter Analysis to describe this eclectic clinical model for multiple reasons. The therapeutic goal is to shatter the negative self, the negative self-talk, the negative core beliefs, and to transform the client’s self to vibrate at a joyous whole new way of being—to create a wonderful life baesd on unconditional love of the self and one’s world.” Dr. Anne Filosa Creekmore, Psy. D., From Love Yourself  Love Your Life page 187.

Become the Best You―Changing Your Thoughts, Changing Your Life
Dr. Creekmore has specialized in empowering individuals to overcoming the challenges that are holding them back from the fulfilling life they can lead. Call Anne today to seek the whole health counseling and therapies that bring about a positive change in your life!

For those specifically interested in emotional or metaphysical counseling, click here to download our flyer of metaphysical services.

Benefit from Dr. Creekmore’s extensive knowledge and therapies and heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically by calling today and start your journey to health and happiness.


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